About Ecomosquito

Ty Costin, Tanner Hutchison, and Rich Saccone made a bold move in 2018, to create a company that solves tick and mosquito problems using natural oils and compounds, that are eco-friendly & safe to people, pets and wildlife. Their promise of using eco-friendly pest control techniques is a bold move, and one they’re confident to keep.

Our Eco-Friendly solutions come from the best minds in the natural pest control industry – ideas that perform and work. There’s a safer way to protect people from mosquitoes & ticks. Today there should never be an excuse to use harmful chemicals.

EcoMosquito Satisfaction Guarantee: Our promise: if you’re not satisfied within 2 weeks of your treatment, we’ll re-evaluate & retreat at no additional cost.

We’re doing our little part to
help keep this piece of
Massachusetts free from
harmful chemicals, and that
us is a big deal.

Mosquito & Tick borne diseases have risen in recent years & lead to more deaths than from any other animals on Earth. Our mission is to protect people, pets and wildlife, without having harmful effects on the environment.


Our promise: if you’re not satisfied within 2 weeks of our mosquito and tick treatments, we’ll re-evaluate & retreat at no added cost, often requiring our techs to use a different product until the issue is resolved.

You’re also never locked into contracts with us. You can cancel at any time if needed.

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