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Dog Training Nassau County

The first prospect idea of bringing a dog trainer to your home for personalized training may seem like an expensive ordeal. The truth is that home dog training can be very cost-effective and will give you a better training experience with a puppy or older dog.

Benefits of in-home dog training in Nassau County


Dogs act entirely different from humans because they tend to be shy in public but extraordinarily confident and comfortable in their home. An issue that manifests within the home will not be present in society. This setup allows the trainer to address more issues without trying to decipher the hidden behavior of working in public. Additionally, the dog will not be afraid of more fearful dogs in a group, or too distracted by playful pokes by its peers.

Detailed training

A puppy picks up its habits from its growing environment. Our experienced trainer will pick up these details by taking all the behaviors into account. A detailed description of the dog’s reaction will be easy to document; hence they will not develop a sudden future trait that turns into something serious a couple of months after training.

Better bonding

In-home dog training allows the owner to forge a genuine connection with the dog. The goal of a house call is to fix every detachment issue within a couple of hours of every session. The trainer can adequately explain different bonding techniques and correct problems that will derail future progress. The positive and structured environment allows the dog to develop a positive impression of the owner, hence dial down on aggressiveness that could deter a sweet relationship.


House calls should meet the needs of the dog and the environment. The boarding training program may miss key factors because the trainer is only trying to execute the training curriculum. The flipside of in-home training is that the trainer will use the natural responses between the dog and the household to tweak the training.


A basic training session may have only a couple of sessions every week. The class may cover basic lessons such as:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Stay

The benefit of in-home training is the trainer is focused on training only your dogs. Each lesson will effectively exhaust the assigned time slot with fitting lessons. Each lesson builds off the last one and allows the trainer to continue applying the skills in between all classes. You can also work with the trainer to schedule a course that matches your lifestyle.

Should you attempt in-home training without a professional?

Professional dog training saves lives. It is common for people to assume they have gone over the entire training curriculum when the dog can quickly learn basic training commands. A professional trainer teaches the dog who is in control at home or in public. The dog will recognize and respect the authority within the house and therefore reduce family stress and damage to your home and personal belongings.

You can choose in-home dog training in Nassau County right now and later switch to a group boarding training to incorporate more lessons. Talk to us now for details on the program and information about the available training slots.

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