Ty Costin, Tanner Hutchison, and Rich Saccone decided to start a company in 2018, called EcoMosquito, to solve the problem of mosquitos and ticks. We provide solutions with compounds and natural oils that are eco-friendly and safe for people and animals. We have the best minds in the pest control industry who offer services of eco-friendly mosquito control in Beverly, MA.

How can I control mosquitos naturally?

The first thing you can do is not provide a breeding place for the mosquitos. You can achieve this by getting rid of any still water on your property because still water is mosquito breeding ground. You can use natural repellents like basil, lavender, lemon thyme, mint, etc. to keep the mosquitos away from your home.

You should also prevent mosquito larvae from maturing and use appropriate methods for disrupting their life cycle. There are many other natural ways of getting rid of mosquitos naturally, including our eco-friendly organic methods.

Eco-friendly mosquito control methods

We use the ‘Ladder Approach’ to help you get rid of your mosquito problem. We start from the eco-friendliest method and move on towards the harsher treatments if and only if we deem necessary. In general, we don’t have to use more than two treatments, but other times, we have to use upgraded methods to achieve absolute control over the pest.

As the best service providers of eco-friendly mosquito control in Beverly, MA, we make sure to inspect every square foot of your property for potential breeding spots for mosquitos. If there are any potted plants, gutters, tree holes, or still standing water, then there is a chance that mosquitos are breeding in these places.

Mosquito control services

We use methods like removing sources of still water from your property and using barrier mist to eliminate mosquitos living on your property. We use traps and other structural controls if the situation is worse. Our team of expert technicians is well-equipped with the experience and knowledge to handle difficult situations very efficiently.

Not only this, we teach our customers DIY methods to help them solve their pest control problem on their own if it’s not a difficult situation. For example, you can use fans on porches or patios to dissuade mosquitos from entering your property or planting natural repellents in your front and backyard.

Eco-friendly treatment solutions

Due to the mosquito-borne diseases, many people and animals get sick and die. It’s our duty to prevent this by providing an eco-friendly solution for the environment. We are doing our best to protect our homes and properties from these infections without using harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly mosquito control in Beverly, MA, is the right control solution for you and your family. We, at EcoMosquito, promise that if our treatments don’t work, then we will re-evaluate our methods without any additional cost. We are here to provide harm-free eco-friendly mosquito control solutions for you, and you can trust us with your homes and properties. 

eco friendly mosquito control Beverly MA
eco friendly mosquito control Beverly MA
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