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Mold Testing South Florida

Mold exposure can have serious health consequences; therefore, it's vital to have a mold test conducted in your home to eliminate these consequences. Finding a mold remediation company in South Florida doesn't have to be challenging. Knowing how to evaluate your options can help you know the right company that can safely eliminate the mold and repairs any damage it causes. Here are five tips to help you find the right mold testing company for your home in South Florida


It will help if you do some research before choosing a mold testing company. You need to check if the mold testing company has certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). Companies who have certification from this organization have a vast knowledge regarding chemicals, cleaning, and testing. It's also essential you choose a registered company that follows standard practice.

Testimonials and experience

Testimonials and experience help ensure that you don't choose a novice mold testing company. You can find testimonials on the company website, or it could be by word of mouth. It would help if you also do your research about the company experience and training to affirm whether they can do the mold testing job. This will help you avoid mishaps and possible safety and health concerns.

Insurance and License

A good mold testing company must be insured and have all the required licenses. Insurance is essential should an accident happen in your house. Start your search for another company if you realize that the mold testing company is not insured or licensed. A good company will be willing to show up to date insurance policies and all their certifications.


Mold testing price varies from company to company. It's best to get quotes and compare them before choosing one. Companies with a much lower rate than the rest in the area signal a red flag. If one company is priced higher, you need to consider what are offering. They might offer additional services that the other companies don't offer. 

Health and Safety

Health and safety are very vital. The testing company must assure you that they will conduct the work without any health and safety concerns. The company mold testing should assure you that they will use proper gear, gloves, and face masks in the testing process and prevent the spreading of mold to other parts of your home.

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At Altair, we have mold specialists who have been performing mold testing for several years. With our professional Mold remediation help, your business or home will be restored to a clean and safe environment at the same time free of mold. We follow leading industry standards and use safe techniques to restore your building to a mold-free and healthy state! If you've noticed mold in your home or business and wish to have mold testing conducted on your property, you have come to the right place. Feel free to give us a call at (561) 543-7824 for an appointment.

Mold Testing South Florida
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