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Rat Elimination Orange County

Rat and pest removal is a nasty thing to need, but it can become an issue for homeowners as well as businesses. Rats have a tendency to nest in challenging to reach places and can become a problem if left unchecked. Not only are rats dirty and unappealing, but they can carry disease and infection as well. That is why dealing with an infestation is such an important thing.

Finding the best service for your home or business is essential. The wrong service can be too costly or can provide an inefficient job, resulting in more hassles than before. The last thing that you need is for rat removal to become more comprehensive and inconvenient than it already is.

That is why one Orange County company, in particular, stands out from their competitors: they provide fast, reliable, quality service making sure the job is done the first time correctly with as little inconvenience to you or your business as possible.

Where should I go for rat elimination in Orange County?

Pacific Pest Control has been in the pest removal industry for a decade, providing a one-stop-shop for pest control. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of each of our customers by using the highest quality products and taking care of your property to ensure that your best problem has been eliminated.

The health of you, your family, your employees, and your co-workers are our number one priority. You deserve the peace of mind in knowing that your pest problem has been resolved to complete satisfaction and Pacific Pest Control provides that.

Rats are smart, but we are smarter.

Rodent infestation is dangerous for several reasons, including the fact that they are disease-carriers and that they can cause damage to your property. Eliminating them effectively is essential to being able to have confidence and comfort inhabiting that space.

Setting traps don't work as they used to because rats adapt and are smarter than ever before. We rodent proof the entire home, take care of previously used traps, clean up droppings, and eliminate odors.

We do things differently.

Most companies will send a technician to seal all the accessible and visible entry points with a can of foam while setting traps in several areas. We will rodent proof your entire attack, base of your home, and roofline with construction material like mortar and metal flashing. We eliminate the rodents by cutting off their food, water, and shelter, and a complete elimination is dependent upon those three factors.

Do I get an update on the services rendered?

For the more comprehensive services needed, it can be a process. Sometimes we cannot get to accessible rodent entry points and will need to perform repairs to your home. When we need to remove or change something, we will update you on that process and return weekly until the rats have finally been removed for good.

We provide pictures as well as updates every step of the way so that you never have to wonder where we are in the elimination process.

Rat Elimination Orange County
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