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Spider Control Chesterfield Mi

One of the most feared home intruders is spiders. Once they get in, it can be a problem getting them out because spiders are not like other house pests. At PestX, we provide the best professional spider control in Chesterfield to deal with any spider infestation on your property.

Do I need spider control in Chesterfield?

If there are a lot of spider webs in your house, yes you do. The size and shape of the webs may be different depending on the species that are prevalent in your area. Spiders come into your property through loose screens, cracks around the doors, windows and any other openings in search of moisture, food, mates or warmth. Since spiders feast on other insects, their presence in your house could also attract spiders after which they hide in dark, secluded areas of the house.

We concentrate our extermination efforts both in and outside the house. We understand that for an infestation to occur, the pests have to first come into the house, and that's why we apply a barrier with long-lasting residue that'll work long after application. By creating a restriction, we prevent any other pests from getting the opportunity to come into the property. Our interior program will take care of the infestation from the inside, guaranteeing you that the pests will not only be removed but also remain as far from your property as possible.

Dangers of spider infestations

Generally, spiders do not pose a threat to people and only bite when caught by surprise. We have about 3000 species of spiders in North America. Of these, only a handful can cause dangerous bites, i.e., the black widow, hobo spider, the brown recluse, wolf spider, jumping spider, house spider, and long-bodied cellar spider. Our technician will positively confirm the type of spiders you are dealing with and the most appropriate control method you need to keep them out.

How do you know you have a spider infestation? Look around the exterior of the property. Spiders usually set up base outside first, somewhere they can easily prey on other insects. They then multiply and look for other places to go, which will naturally be your home. An infestation also shows there are different pest populations in the home which you should also address.

 If there are webs on the walls or bushes, get in touch with us immediately.

How do I prevent another infestation?

You can prevent an infestation by decluttering all areas of the house, including the garage, attic, and basement. Sealing cracks also goes a long way in preventing spiders from getting into the house. Also, be sure to inspect any boxes or grocery bags before taking them into the house.

Our external and internal control program will effectively eradicate any spider infestation in progress inside and outside the house. At PestX, we conduct a proper inspection of your property, confirm which species of spiders you are dealing with and recommend the most appropriate course of control. Contact us today for all your spider control in Chesterfield needs.

Spider Control Chesterfield Mi
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