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Young Hip and Married can create an amazing wedding ceremony script that will be joyous, heart-warming, and memorable. We'll work with you to learn about your vision for your ceremony, and we'll incorporate all of the decor, observances, and elements you desire. Weddings that are officiated by Young Hip and Married are weddings that done right.

Ceremony Kickoff

We've got to start your ceremony off somehow. As with almost all of the aspect of a wedding ceremony script, there are many ways to perform a ceremony kickoff. We can walk to the front by ourselves, with the groom, or with the groom's party, and then we'll make a few announcements. We welcome everybody to the wedding. We tell them whether or not they're allowed to take photos and kindly ask the crowd to turn off their devices so nothing is ringing or going off. This warms the crowd up to us and places us in control of the proceedings.

The Processional

This is when the music starts and when guests the come marching down the aisle. The typical traditional order to this is that the bride's maids walk out leading up to the maid of honor and then to the bride. There might be ring bearers and junior bride's maids, and these might come out before the bride's maids. Sometimes they come out after the maid of honor and before the bride.

The bride comes out with Dad or whoever is walking her down the aisle; she arrives at the front, and the groom steps forward. The groom takes the brides hand, and they both step forward together in front of us. Here is where the bride usually gives her flowers to the maid of honor. Now we're ready to get to the meat of it.

Officiant's Speech

What makes a wedding so important and amazing is that everyone is there to witness the commitment and the promise that the two people getting married are making. There is a lot of room for creativity here. We can share the couple's store or a story of the couple. We can perform some readings, be it poems or prayers, or anything that is important to the couple. Whether you want a deep, philosophical speech about love and commitment, a funny speech, a lighthearted speech, or something crazy like a hip-hop dance-off, Young Hip and Married will nail it.

Exchange of Vows

This is the heart of the ceremony where the two people make promises to each other about the future. There are also many ways to perform this part of the ceremony. We can have you repeat after us, line by line, you can write and read your own vows, or you can say "I do" to the questions we read. After the exchange of vows comes the exchange of rings.

Choose Young Hip and Married to Officiate Your Wedding

From A to Z, Young Hip and Married help you plan, create and execute your wedding ceremony script. Of course, there is much more that goes into scripting a wedding ceremony. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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